about #playerperks

We will be organizing two outings this year for 5 Indianapolis participants. Participants can accumulate points based on their activity with our chapter, their academic success, and leading an active life. Points must be submitted to Luci Ross (lross@indianagolf.org) within two weeks of accumulation and the point standings will be updated every Friday by 5:00 pm. In addition to our two outings (July 2018 and January 2019), the overall points winner for 2018 will receive a set of golf clubs worth up to $250.

*Top 5 finisher for the July PLAYERPERKS contest.

First Half point totals | updated 12.18.2018

Name First Half Point Total  Second Half Point Total    Point Total
Joel O’Neal 150* 310
Lainey O’Neal 240* 240
Brandon Hancock 90 90
Jessica Moran 220* 90 310
Quinn Gerde 40 40
Kellen Eder 215* 165 380
Andrew Barkley 20 20
Maddison Passwater 20 20
Olivia Alvey 235* 270 505
Trevor Styles 50 50
Brett Lutzke 1185 1185
Josselyn Moran 60 60


  1. All points must be submitted to Luci Ross (lross@indianagolf.org) by the last day of the qualifying period.
  2. Classes are only eligible during one qualifying period. Points for attending a session must be submitted to Luci Ross in order them to count.
  3. The top 5 participants with the most points on the last day of the qualifying period will be selected to attend the outing.
  4. Participant must be in good standing and be listed as active within our registration program.
  5. Points (with proof) must be submitted within two weeks of being acquired, otherwise they will not count. For example, if class starts on June 1, you have until June 14 to submit your proof of points to be counted.
  6. Qualifying Period One: February 15-June 30.
  7. Qualifying Period Two: July 1-December 31.
  8. QP1 outing will take place in July 2018, QP2 outing will take place in January 2019.


A/B Honor Roll 10 points
Session Attendance 20 points
Bucket of Balls 5 points per bucket (10 points max per week)
Play 9 holes and turn in scorecard 10 points
Walk 100,000 steps 5 points
Volunteer with Chapter 5 points per 3 hours
Volunteer with Community 5 points per 3 hours
Drive, Chip & Putt |  Register Here 10 points
Play in a Tournament 15 points